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Hasan Morshed graduated from City University Of New York (CUNY), majoring in Accounting with a minor in Economics. Hasan has lived in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. During his college years, he worked at JFK as a Ticketing Agent with Norwegian and Chinese Airlines and also worked with the students in the Brooklyn school district as an interpreter. As an accountant, Hasan has worked with IKEA, Comcast, Cushman & Wakefield , Bridge Commercial Real Estate & most recently, Brand Properties. Hasan moved to Georgia in 2017 and joined TSCG in July 2022 as a Senior Property Accountant.


What to know

Hasan loves any kind of outdoor activities: hiking, camping, kayaking. Once upon a time, he went on a cross country road trip from Florida to Nevada. Hasan also loves reading, playing Ping-Pong and volunteering.
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