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Lisa was born in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and began her career with TSCG in 2012.  After getting married in 2015, she relocated to Florida and works in Tampa’s GIS department.  As Location Data Specialist, Lisa assists agents by creating custom maps and aerials for recognized clients such as Costco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Topgolf.  Prior to TSCG, Lisa’s experience included over 10 years of real estate support experience from time at The Home Depot together with Corporate Property Dispositions in the role of Office Administrator.


What to know

Lisa loves to travel and will hop on a plane any chance she gets to visit a new destination.  She’s is a home chef and is always searching for new recipes to cook.  Since moving to Florida, Lisa’s house is considered “The Payne B&B” as she is continuously hosting out of town visitors.  She is married and has an adult daughter who resides in Atlanta.  Georgia will always be considered home; therefore, she visits family and friends regularly.

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