Analytics & Consulting Services

Location analytics is the newest moniker for something that used to be called spatial analytics, geographic information systems (GIS), or just mapping software. People are more comfortable with viewing data on a map, and when they see patterns, they want to understand them – that’s location analytics. So location analytics is really about dynamic, interactive mapping.

Through location analytics, GIS provides the objective core data to support our associates’ local market knowledge, industry insight and strategic relationships. Experience, research and instinct combine with analytics to create dependable collateral critical to real estate decision making.

What We Do

Method and process:

  • Meet with TSCG team to understand goals and objectives
  • Develop a complete and accurate understanding about the project
  • Evaluate the resources and manpower necessary to achieve the goal
  • Deliberate and create a critical path with target deadlines

Location analytics product output comes in many forms:

  • Visually-depicted products (maps and aerials) or reports
  • Site characteristics
    • Traffic counts

    • Consumer expenditure studies

    • Market optimization analyses

    • Market characteristics

    • Competition studies

    • Retailer void analyses

    • Demographic Characteristics

    • Demographics – Based on Radii, trade area or drive time

    • Consumer lifestyle segmentation (Psychographics)

    • Thematic shading

    • Density shading

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