Representation is a concept taken very seriously at TSCG. It’s a privilege and an honor entrusted to our company. We never forget that and, because we are obsessed with exceeding the expectations of our clients, we dedicate ourselves to the confirmation of that confidence and expectation.

What We Do

Create the vision and the strategy for execution.

  • Meet with the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Planning and Zoning departments
  • Define of the trade area for the proposed development to include both a primary trade area and secondary trade area, if applicable
  • Quantify and analyze trade area demographics and lifestyle segmentation data to further qualify the targeted merchandising plan
  • Research existing and proposed residential, office projects and other traffic generators (i.e. schools, museums, convention centers, etc.) to determine the impact
  • Understand existing and proposed roadwork to determine the impact on the development
  • Understand existing and proposed roadwork to determine the impact on the development
  • Identify existing retailers, restaurant, service and pseudo-retail uses in the market
  • Qualify recent lease and sales transactions
  • Qualify retail sales by retail category or use
  • Identify and qualify retail sales leakage within the trade area
  • Research similar trade areas to identify successful tenants within those similar trade areas
  • Creating a merchandising plan by retail category for each available space
  • Creating a target list of prospective uses within each retail category identified
  • Provide input into budget rents and pass-throughs given the target list of prospective tenants
  • Provide input into budget expenses associated with a transaction with the target list of prospective tenants to include delivery condition, additional tenant improvement allowance, commissions, rent commencement timing, etc
  • Interact with ownership, architects and/or engineering firm(s) to provide input into the site plan and design of the project
  • Interact with a third party graphic design firm to provide input into branding and marketing materials for the project
Ethics, principles and values are the manifesto of our company. We succeed when our clients succeed.