Investment Sales

Representation is a concept taken very seriously at TSCG. It’s a privilege and an honor entrusted to our company. We never forget that and, because we are obsessed with exceeding the expectations of our clients, we dedicate ourselves to the confirmation of that confidence and expectation.

What We Do

Knowledge translates into value.

  • Development of a marketing story that combines local market leasing and tenant knowledge with an aggressive and thorough investment sales process
  • Participation and collaboration with other professionals from our firm to create the best team for the assignment
  • Driving investor interest and excitement in the property through all phases of the marketing
  • A goal of exceeding our client’s expectations, not on maximizing transaction volume
  • A Retail ONLY focus

Investment Sales Services

  • Valuation
  • Asset strategy
  • Debt and equity capitalizations
Ethics, principles and values are the manifesto of our company. We succeed when our clients succeed.