Surplus Property Disposition

Representation is a concept taken very seriously at TSCG. It’s a privilege and an honor entrusted to our company. We never forget that and, because we are obsessed with exceeding the expectations of our clients, we dedicate ourselves to the confirmation of that confidence and expectation.

What We Do

Evaluate all options & opportunities.

Problem Solve. Reuse. Reposition. Repurpose.

  • Discuss, consider and recognize economic goals of owners
  • Analyze the market
    • Define the trade area

    • Scrutinize consumer lifestyle and demographic features

    • Develop comparable and competing property analysis

    • Examine critical property fundamentals

  • Prepare strategic leasing plan
    • Formulate a merchandising plan

    • Generate a retailer void and demand analysis

    • Identify potential tenant categories

    • Develop opinions of appropriate rents and terms

  • Initiate marketing and leasing campaign
    • Leverage national, regional and local retailer relationships

    • Collaborate with TSCG partners from other disciplines for perspective

    • Target prospective tenants

    • Canvass and cold-call

    • Create effective online marketing program

  • Transaction negotiation
    • Qualify prospects based on the overall strength of their pricing, terms, conditions, appropriateness of use, and financial strength

    • Leasing associates remain involved in the process throughout the negotiations and through delivery of the space

  • Communication
    • Regularly Reporting throughout engagement on a systematic and consistent basis in a form and along a timeline defined by owner

Research, analyze, collaborate, respond, consult and assist – With the understanding that after the transaction is completed, the relationship endures.