Tenant Representation

Representation is a concept taken very seriously at TSCG. It’s a privilege and an honor entrusted to our company. We never forget that and, because we are obsessed with exceeding the expectations of our clients, we dedicate ourselves to the confirmation of that confidence and expectation.

What We Do

Develop a complete and accurate understanding about our client

  • Comprehend the real estate criteria
    • Customer profile – trade area

    • Demographic makeup of customers

    • Customer behavioral shopping patterns

    • Site characteristics

    • Co-tenancy preferences

    • Competition analysis

    • Physical plant

    • Lease/sale terms and criteria preference

  • Comprehend the transaction process
    • Real estate team structure and hierarchy

    • Market analysis strategy and timing

    • Site submittal procedure

    • Site approval process

    • Transaction requirements


The basics

  • Face of the client when they’re not around
  • You can’t achieve results for a client you don’t fully know
  • Exhaustive market research
  • Site submittal tailored to their system
Research, analyze, collaborate, respond, consult and assist – With the understanding that after the transaction is completed, the relationship endures.