TSCG MD takes a data driven approach to create a real estate portfolio that enhances care being delivered closer to patients, increases brand awareness to help attract and retain patients, while improving patient experience and satisfaction.

What We Do

Finding Future Medical Locations

  • Competition Analysis
  • Gaps in coverage by clinical specialty
  • Drive Time Analysis
  • Current and Future Healthcare Spend
  • Patient Demographics
  • Expansion/Consolidation Opportunities
  • Payor Makeup
  • Hundreds of other medical/healthcare related data points

Client Advantages

  • For a health system looking to expand:
    • Market Viability To Accommodate Future Growth and Expansion

    • Patient Focused Real Estate Footprint

    • Reduced Lease Costs

    • Increased Brand Awareness

    • Increased Access to Care

  • For property owners:
    • Medical viability assessment

    • In depth look at current healthcare real estate transactions surrounding your property

    • Comprehensive medical leasing strategy created from healthcare data-points

Our depth of skill and expertise across industries, when combined with the client-focused approach, offers our clients unparalleled service during our engagement.