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Portrait of Bruce Shepard

Bruce Shepard

Bruce Shepard


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A New York Real Estate Board Deal of the Year Winner, Bruce is a retailer at heart, breaking into the business on the tenant side, overseeing real estate for Shoe Town and Eye Lab, as well as spending several years with Zayre Department Stores. Bruce’s long-term relationships with such tenants as Guitar Center, CVS, Rite Aid, and Marshalls are a testament to the value he brings to his clients. He’s done nearly 100 deals for Guitar Center and represents them exclusively in much of the East Coast including Hartford to DC, Florida too. His 14th Street, Union Square Guitar Center deal won him industry-wide recognition as the retail deal of the year.


Bruce earned a BS degree in Finance from New York University. He has three sons, all of whom live and work in Manhattan.


What to know

Shepard can’t play guitar even though he’s worked with Guitar Center for almost twenty years.

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