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Glenn was born of humble beginnings in the sleepy town of Cumberland, MD and joined TSCG in August. A graduate of Frostburg State University with a degree in English, Glenn has written some pretty snazzy emails. As an Assistant Property Manager, he’s responsible for more than a few things: reporting service requests, maintaining insurance compliances, and chasing every single account towards a zero balance certainly keep him busy. His favorite aspect of the job is pushing a plan to fruition and making a positive impact on any property. Although these are worthy pursuits in their own right, the passion that keeps him ticking can be found in working with such an exceptional team and learning from them on a daily basis. Should he perish prematurely, he is survived by his pit-bull, Lillian, as well as several immediate family members (Mother, Father, etc.).


What to know

Glenn enjoys long walks, beaches, and only the most innocuous variety of banter.

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