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Wes was born and raised in Prince William County Va. As a Building Engineer at FCP Portfolio for over 20 years, he’s responsible for general maintenance and repairs such as roof leaks, outside lights, sprinkler room compressors, equipment, repairing vacant spaces. Responsible for on-site coordination with vendors and tenants, coordinating sprinkler inspections/repairs in tenant spaces, on-site information for Rosenthal Property Managers and Construction Managers. Snow plowing and almost all maintenance in the one Government building. 24/7 on call for sprinkler system emergencies and stabilizing the systems until the sprinkler company arrives. Wes has studied electrical/electronics technology and is presently taking classes in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology.


What to know

Wes’s interests include organic gardening and herbs, Washington Capitals, Baltimore Orioles, New England Patriots, and 1967 Pontiac Firebird.

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