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SCG Retail expands tenant and landlord representation with new hires Masson and Wray

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March 19, 2019 – Front Section
Nick Masson,
SCG Retail


Nick Wray,
SCG Retail


Manhattan, NY SCG Retail, a division of The Shopping Center Group, has expanded their tenant and landlord representation with two new hires, Nick Masson and Nick Wray.

Masson joins SCG Retail as a senior associate, formerly at Shuckman Realty. “We’re looking forward to leveraging Nick’s experience in areas of the city that continue to show great growth prospects,” said Jeff Pandolfo, head of leasing for SCG Retail. “Nick knows the landscape well.”

Instrumental in helping to transform the area around the Barclay’s Center, Masson’s hitting the ground running. According to Masson, “The underserved opportunity in the Boroughs poses unique challenges, but there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you played a role in transforming a neighborhood. I grew up in Queens and there are neighborhoods ripe for transition all over the borough.”

Prior to becoming a broker Masson was an actor, as well as stints in hospitality and retail. “In many ways, when I represent a development, I’m very much acting like a casting director, finding the right players that together are greater than their parts.” Masson said, “A shopping center also has its lead and supporting cast, the center performs at its best for both the landlord and tenant when the ensemble fits together well. Similarly, when I’m representing a tenant, I’m acting like an agent, seeking the very best opportunity for my client.”

Wray joined as an associate and will work with Chase Welles, senior partner responsible for Whole Foods and Industry City, among others. Wray returned from three years in England where he was part of the retail-leasing team for Bicester Village in the Cotswolds, an outlet center. Wray will focus on new business development which will include international brands.

“It was a tremendous experience working in the UK,” said Wray. “I helped many European retailers while there and look forward to assisting some of them take the leap across the pond to New York.”

“Our other Nick brings that international perspective to the team,” says Pandolfo. “Retailers from around the world continue to see New York as a great opportunity to establish the brand in the United States.”

Wray, an Eagle Scout and graduate of Trinity College, studied business and software engineering. “I’m fascinated with how data is impacting retail,” said Wray. “I’m looking forward to helping both retailers and landlords use data to improve leasing decisions. Working for a developer provided me with a great understanding of the needs of both sides. At the end of the day, a deal has to work for both sides in order to achieve long-term success.”

Heading into 2019, SCG Retail and The Shopping Center Group continue to grow as the retail landscape evolves. “We’re keen to see the impact of the ‘Nicks,’” said managing partner David Firestein. “We are strategically adding talent to our roster as the SCG Retail tenant rep and landlord work grows. In today’s climate, we are both seizing opportunity and managing risk for our clients. Having talented people like Nick and Nick on board ensures that we can keep delivering for our clients.”

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